… the horses incredibly well behaved …

Hi Dallas

Having returned from Bubion I wanted to drop you a note to thank-you for coordinating this trip. 

The scenery was stunning, the horses incredibly well behaved and cared for immaculately.  Dallas and Jeanette were wonderful hosts who looked after everyone, we all felt safe and understood the challenges of the terrain as we navigated the mountains.  The picnic lunches, prepared by Dallas were excellent.  So overall the trip surpassed our expectations and we had a wonderful holiday!”

 Many thanks for looking after them so well!

Kind regards

Belinda Croft

… This was my fourth riding holiday and definitely the best …

Hi Dallas,

I’m home in London in the dreary rainy weather and missing the sunny Sierra Nevada mountains!
As promised, I’ve written the below review and you’re welcome to use it along with my name wherever you would like.
“I had a fabulous time on the Alpujarra ride. This was my fourth riding holiday and definitely the best. The horses were an absolute pleasure, so well-trained and responsive, you could tell they enjoyed their job! They all got on well so you could ride side by side with your new riding friends and have a conversation, which I have found is very rare on other riding holidays.

The scenery in Sierra Nevada is spectacular and varied and I loved exploring the mountains every day. The accommodation was comfortable, the meals very tasty and the saddlebag lunches were always enjoyed with a glass of wine and a breathtaking view!

Dallas and Mordecai clearly love their horses and know their stuff. They hold so much information about the area and are fascinating to speak with. They really made the week an absolute pleasure. Thank you both!”

Thank you again for an amazing holiday. Please give Dilar a pat for me! If I can I’m going to try to make the July La Buena Vista ride.
Best wishes,

August Short Break 2018

… Your horses are so exceptional …

Dear Dallas and Jeanette, I hope this message finds you well! I’m a little overdue in doing so, but here are some photos that I wanted to share with you from the August 26 ride.

Thank you so much for your care and attention during the ride. Your horses are so exceptional and well cared for and every aspect of the ride felt top notch – including the delicious lunches which I still about think about! I loved Bubion and Trevelez and I feel very fortunate to have spent some time in these picturesque mountain towns.

All my best to you both and Mordecai, and a hug to Tello!


… You picked the right horse for everyone of us …

Alpujarra trail ride August 2018

Dear Dallas, thank you for a very special week with you and your wonderful horses.

We enjoyed the stunning landscape and your delicious food.

The horses are well cared for, friendly und well trained.

You picked the right horse for everyone of us.

What more could you hope for on a perfect holiday trip

Thanks again to you and your very nice team.

Rainer & Christiane

… The scenery is amazing and the company was lovely …

Poqueira Short Break August 2018.

Hi Dallas, I hope you are well. I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful holiday.

It was both exciting and challenging at the same time. I really enjoyed the three day trek and I am glad I joined every one for the second day/evening.

The scenery is amazing and the company was lovely.

I really appreciated yourself, Jeanette, Mordecai and Lisa’s care and knowledge in looking after me which made my holiday a really enjoyable one.

I have put a review on trip advisor and I hope a lot of people see it.

I have just been for a riding lesson and spoke to a lady called Caroline about the holiday and gave her your web details, so I hope she contacts you.

I hope to return again, may be next year.

Kind regards


July Short Break 2017

“We had been tipped off that our three day ride in The Alpujarras with Dallas was going to be good but nothing prepared us for just how wonderful these few days were going to be.

The scenery is intoxicatingly beautiful, the horses well mannered, forward going and clearly much loved. Dallas and her team manage, in a low fuss way, to think of everything that will make these rides utterly fabulous.

My daughter and I met some great people but we also had time and space to enjoy each other’s company as well as plenty of meditative times just being in this gorgeous corner of the universe!

The saddles are super- comfy; 6 or 8 hour days in them are easy! The mountains provide ample mounting blocks along the way and little experiences like plucking ripe, warm mulberries from a tree will stay with me for ever.

And the picnics are amazing!!

Our five day break had all of the benefits of at least a two week holiday.

Basically we loved it and we intend to return very soon” Really Dallas – there just aren’t words to do it all justice!

Hope to see you soon! Have a successful end of season.

Anne and Florrie

Alpujarra Ride 2017

Dagmar from Hamburg.

Absolut wonderful riding holidays on extremely well cared horses

The last Alpujarra ride from 12th to 19th of August 2017 was already my third ride there. Since the first ride I am addicted to the wonderful hold and cared horses, especially my Maximo, the very nice company and the stunning landscape.

Beside the path we ate mulberries, raspberries and blackberries right from the trees 🙂 The Hotels are all very nice, comfortable and familiar.

A great THANK YOU for this absolute amazing and relaxed wonderful experience on horseback to Mordecai, Dallas and Jeanette !!!

Alpujarra Ride 2017

After searching for different riding vacations that matched our needs, my best friend and I decided on the Alpujarra Ride with Dallas Love as it offered beautiful scenery, excellent and well-trained horses, and a great value.

What we didn’t know was how much we would come to love this gorgeous region and the people in it. The ride in August surpassed every expectation, and we constantly reflected on  how much fun we were having.

To give a bit of background, my friend and I were not hugely experienced with horses, but we felt confident walking, trotting, and cantering.

By the end of the week, we had improved greatly on our horsemanship and our confidence on horsesOur group was small with a total of three people, and we had Mordecai as our guide for the week.

He was patient, encouraging, and fun to debate and joke with. He made sure we were always safe, but pushed us to improve our abilities.

The ride is demanding as we had to lead our horses down steep terrain, and just being in the saddle upwards of 7 hours a day is difficult. However, if you are in shape and have ridden recently, you will be more than ok.

It was great to feel that we were working hard (though not as hard as our strong and competent horses were working) and that we deserved a nice meal at the end of the day. The accommodations were simple but great.

The water pressure in the hotels was fabulous. The breakfasts were full of fresh fruit and bread, and the meals made by Dallas were delicious.

To name some of the food, we had pork, hummus, meatballs, cheese, bread, chicken, and wine. We were never hungry. All in all, this ride surpassed our wildest dreams, and the other rider on our trip had come three times, so obviously she loved the riding as well. The value was perfect, and we felt cared for in all aspects.

If you are considering riding with Dallas, please book and experience the beauty that is the Alpujarra

Corinne Nashville Tennesessee

Spring 2017

This is a very special riding holiday indeed and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Book up and have a real treat!

Dallas is an exceptional horsewoman and perfect host. I loved riding along, chatting to her about her horses, the landscape and its people. Her brother, Mordecai, is also great company and has had a fascinating career with horses. They both took great care to make sure everyone on the ride was having a brilliant holiday.

The horses, primarily pure and part-bred Andalusians, have been beautifully schooled and educated. They are also extremely well cared for, fit and happy. I rode Honrado, a cheeky gelding with bags of character, who was an absolute pleasure to ride and kept me smiling throughout. Dallas made the perfect match for me! My partner, who has only been riding regularly for a year, was well suited to Mora, a generous and confidence-giving mare.

The riding was fantastic. Primarily we walked, but had some lovely trots and canters where the terrain permitted. On each ride there would be points where we had to dismount and lead the horses up/down steep and stony mountain paths. The pace was ideal as it meant we could really take in the stunning mountain scenery. I particularly enjoyed seeing and smelling all the spring flowers and herbs along the way.

The accommodation every night was comfortable. The small family-run hotel in Berchules was really charming and a firm favourite with all of us. The food was all local, plentiful and delicious, including the lunches on the trails.

Thank you so much Dallas, Mordecai and Jeanette for such a fabulous time!

Contraviesa Ride Autumn 2016

Dear Dallas,

I wanted to write this for a while, and I am sorry it is coming so late. I started many times and thought I was never to the “thank you” justice, and, annoyingly, this meant I haven’t written to you at all.

So, finally, a thank you – though it is not as perfect as I wanted it to be. The ride Michael and I went on last October was a wonderful honeymoon for us, and incredibly important for me personally. I wanted to ride horses since I was a child, and on this trip I really understood what horses could be like at their most helpful and willing and got more confident with them.

This helped me, even with my limited experience, to encourage and understand the riding school horses a lot more and get much more out of them – which hopefully makes a difference for them as well. I get one particularly mare-ish mare quite often now, and I am the only person she has not tried to eat as yet (the time will probably come but so far I’m cautiously optimistic J). But the horses and the ride would have never been the same without you looking after them and us so well.

You guided us perfectly, and were so calm and patient about everything – even though you were spending so much time with all of us, and looking after the horses as well. Not to mention the fact that they are YOUR horses, and a bunch of people you do not know (including two beginners…) come to ride them.

Thank you for trusting us this much (I guess this is to do with the fact you trust your horses a lot more J). And thank you for making it all fun and interesting with the different terrains, and horse characters, and your conversation.

I really love the pictures you post on Facebook on the rides you are doing and wish I was there – it is really unfortunate that our holiday allowance is not unlimited! Maybe we can come back next year if you’ll take us.

All the best to you, whoever is helping you these days, and all the horses.

Kind regards, Daryna

Kim Parker reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails 5 star

An incredible, exhilarating and totally enjoyable experience!

Was slightly apprehensive organising this trip as I was travelling alone and I hadn’t ridden in years. I had nothing to worry about though because from start to finish, things couldn’t have been better.

The horses were responsive and polite and matched perfectly to their riders abilities. Mine, Torrente, a beautiful, solid Spanish Mountain horse was a perfect gentleman who did my confidence the power of good. Some of the paths were steep and narrow, and the terrain challenging but, even though I’m terrified of heights, there was never a time when I didn’t feel safe and secure. All of the horses were forward going but sensible – I felt relaxed and in control at all paces. What totally amazed me was how sure footed and hardy they all were.

The scenery was completely and utterly breathtaking! I spent most of the first day smiling, tears streaming down my face. Highlights for me, were the spectacular views of white villages and lush green valleys. The sound of cowbells carried on fresh mountain air, mingled with the aroma of wild thyme. Vibrant splashes of colour from the rock roses and orchids, and rushing mountain springs. Snow capped peaks and, beyond, the faraway Med. The list goes on and on… Simple pleasures but ones that will stay with me forever.

Accommodation was traditional and comfortable and each afternoon, after 6-7 hours in the saddle, we arrived home to a roaring log fire and a delicious cake. Breakfast was simple but substantial and lunch was al fresco on the mountain – rustic bread, salads, home made tortilla, olives, locally cured meats and cheese, even wine! Evenings, we were met by Dallas for drinks and tapas and then on to sample local cuisine in a nearby restaurant.

I felt in very safe hands with Dallas and Mordecai, competent guides who care passionately about their horses and the safety and well being of the riders. They, together with Jeanette, work extremely hard and nothing was too much trouble.

I love horses and mountains and local culture, and I had the time of my life. I could not recommend this trip more xx

Natascha reviewed Sierra Trails May 2017

Dear Dallas,

I just did the review on In the Saddle, should be online soon. Thank you so very much for the perfect riding holiday. It was such a great experience and so much more than I had expected.

Cannot wait to come back to Spain and go on another trip.In the meantime I am sending a few photos. Hope you, Mordecai and Jeanette are all well and horses are fit.

See you soon Natascha

Julie Skinner reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star 28 July

Fabulous horses, stunning scenery and the most amazing hosts. We loved every minute of the Sulayr ride and the whole experience of staying in the Spanish mountains.

Dallas and Jeanette completely personalise this holiday with local accommodation and dining, fresh home made picnics, exceptional knowledge of the area and above all – great company.

You guys have amazing energy and enthusiasm, we miss you all and very much hope we’ll be back. Off to check out dates and flights for next year!

Jacqui Crosby reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star 8 September

I had the most wonderful week in the Alpujarras with Dallas and Jeanette.

The horses are amazing (thank you Jaleo!), the food and wine were delicious and all logistics were extremely smooth. What a fantastic place, I’ll be back next year x

Christine Crawford reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star 4 June

Where do I start !! First of all it’s a long way to come from New Zealand for a trek but was worth every $$$

Had one of the best weeks of my riding life , the horses are amazing so sure footed and responsive ! Photos don’t do the scenery justice, it was breathtaking and the riding was fantastic!

Dallas you are incredible from organising beautiful horses to making yummy food everyday for our picnics ! And of course great accommodation and well deserved dinner at night !

I would love to come back one day that’s for sure.

Cheers Chris xx

Missy Muiry reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star

·Thank you Dallas, Mordecai and Jeanette for a wonderful holiday. This was my first trail riding holiday and I know that it is going to be hard to beat.

The horses were well looked after and Torrente was a pleasure to ride. I loved how much the stunning scenery changed so much even within a day’s ride.

Dallas, you did an amazing job looking after the horses, keeping us fed and watered and your picnics are unbeatable. Thank you also for your insights into the local culture, customs and geography. Mordecai, I loved your sense of humour and your passion for horses (a holistic approach of course).

Jeanette we couldn’t have done without all your behind the scenes work looking after the horses and ferrying our luggage. And thank you for trusting me with Torrente. I have already recommended your rides to several friends and I will be back.

Ira xxxx

Kate Whiting reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star 3 July

Just back from another perfect week with Dallas and her wonderful horses.

This is the second time my mum and I have come to Bubion (first time for the La Alpujarra Ride and this time for El Marquesado) and it couldn’t have been better.

Beautifully schooled horses; delicious food and brilliant hotels; fantastic company and the most spectacular scenery in the world, and what a way to see it!

For anyone thinking about a riding holiday, an absolute must! Thank you dallas, Mordecai and Jeanette, and not forgetting your beautiful horses. We will be back! Kate and Emma

Renu Poduval reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star 18 September 2015

The week long Alpujarra ride was a fabulous experience – excellent horses and great riding.

Dallas clearly cares a great deal about providing a great experience for every rider and horse. All of the staff do an excellent job, and I look forward to returning to Andalucia to ride again!

Ingunn Julseth Kvamme reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star 24 October 2015

Joining El Marquesado Trail In June. Fantastic ride in the mountains wih breathtaking views all week. Riding up to almost 3000 meters. Absolutely stunning 🙂 Such well trained and beautiful horses.

Nice accommodations along the way as well as the food. A real pleasure to ride with Dallas and her brother.

Highly recommended! Looking so much forward to my next trail in 2016.

Natalie Rowe reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star 24 April

Hubby and I had a beautiful trail ride with Jeanette today.

Lovely horses and spectacular views. Highly recommended. Many thanks! 🙂

Jeannie Medd reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star 11 April

Had an amazing time last week with Dallas and Mordecai.

Spectacular scenery, food, company and horses, enjoyed every moment. Would thoroughly recommend!

Ali Selzer reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star 4 October

The Sulayr shortbreak was a wonderful experience with great company and fantastic horses!

Thanks to Dallas and her team (2 + 4 legged ones) it could not have been any better.

I hope to come back and ride with you again.

Deborah Chamberlain reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star 26 June

Thanks Dallas, fabulous horses, wonderful scenery, great group. You and your team go to a lot of trouble to put together such a well thought out trip.

Loved it. Hasta Lego.

Beck Halliday reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star 9 April

Just got home from an amazing week away with Dallas and her brilliant team.

Thank you for the most wonderful and unique experience, I cannot wait to book my next adventure with you.

This trip exceeded all expectations, there was only one downfall….. I couldn’t take the beautiful Laurel (my purebred Andalusian gentleman for the week!) home with me!

Thank you for everything Dallas, Mordicai, Janette and Julio! It was the perfect break away from reality… See you soon!

Trisha Cox reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star 10 April

Phil and I just finished up a week with Dallas and team in the Sierra Nevadas – the trip surpassed any previous expectation we had – our trusty horses, the gorgeous scenery, our wonderful riding companions and the awesome team of Dallas and her brother Mordecai made for a trip that will not be forgotten for a long time!

Also a shout out to Janette – our behind the scenes person who made sure our belongings were at the inns each evening.

Thank you all and wondering when we can come back!!

XXXXOOOOO Trish & Phil

Summer 2016

Dallas’s new ride was spectacuar.

For me it retraced parts of both of my previous rides with Dallas – The Contravesia and El Marquesado however the 2 new days were wild and at altitude in the Northern Slopes of the Sierra Nevada – nothing but space and no one but us and the bird and wildlife of the area – ibex and  eagles seen every day.

As always, through good schooling, the horses were well mannered and sure footed – knowing and enjoying their job and the terrain well. Max a true gentleman as always!

The accomodation was comfortable throughout with plentifiul, good food and for me the opportunity to swim after a day in the saddle was bliss! Dallas’s lunches continue to be legendary!

We were all return riders so thankyou again to Dallas, Mordecai and Jeanette for yet another wonderful week of great riding, great company and always a lot of laughter – my plan is to return again in the Spring.

Summer 2016

Hi Dallas

A mega thank you for such an amazing holiday last week, cant believe it is a week tonight that we arrived home.

Thank you also to Mordecai and Jeanette. We had such a great holiday – so lucky to be riding such lovely horses and over beautiful country.

It is difficult to explain to our friends what we achieved in the week, but we have got lots of photos to sort out and show them! We enjoyed all the company and certainly had a fun and relaxed week, your organisation is great.

Also a big thank you for making my birthday so special and one I will always remember! Not as reluctant as Mordecai!! It was a lovely last night with your family and the fizz and chocolate cake were fantastic.

We stayed up until 2.30am and finished with water from the spring opposite!

You all work so hard and we really appreciated all you did to make our holiday so great, wonderful horses, fab team, super picnics, great company and you have introduced us to tinto de verano – how good was that at the bar in Trevelez??

Thank you again Dallas, I do hope we will be back. Send Cordi and Canella a special kiss from us both.

Lots of love Chris and Louise

Summer 2016

Dear Dallas,

this is a v long overdue email, firstly to thank you for another truly wonderful week in the Alpujarras – with you and Mordecai and Jeanette, and lovely to meet Eve, Julio and Lourdes too!

We love the mountains and all the places we stay at with you, and for me of course your horses, which are second to none. I loved Honrado, do hope he is doing ok? but Laurel was a v super ride too.

Secondly, just to tell you about our week at , Romania last month. . The horses were fine but somewhat pedestrian, not schooled to your standards, more Araby types which are not my favourite – Andalusians are definitely my favourite! David had great walking, often on his own as the riding pace was too fast for him to follow but he did do some bits with us.

Overall riding was a lovely way to see this countryside, it was well organised but for me the horse side was rather regimental and a bit impersonal – I think the hired staff thing makes a big difference – we have been very spoilt by you Dallas!

Hope your season is continuing well – we really hope to join you again next year, maybe on one of the long summer rides.  With our fond wishes to all.

Samantha and David.

18 June Marquesado Ride

We finally made it back five years after doing La Alpujarra Ride, this time to do El Marquesado Ride.  All the things that were brilliant last time were just as fantastic this time.

A big thank you, first and foremost, to the glorious five star horses, especially our horses Pandora and Valentino.  And to Dallas and Mordecai for the care they took of us, guiding us safely around the 200 + kms of the spectacular high mountain trails of the Sierra Nevada. And for the faultless logistics.

Great accommodation and great meals. It has been a real privilege to be part o f this very special experience.

We will be back.

With all our love Emma and Kate

6 June 2016 Marquesado ride

Hi Dallas, I guess by now you will be back from your second Marquesdad ride – my goodness I do admire your stamina!

I notice on the weather forecast this evening that southern Spain is getting some rain (which we are having in abundance here), so I do hope that includes the Sierra Nevada. I haven’t been touch until now because I think it’s good to let the dust settle a bit before thinking about trips away and how they really went.

Dallas, it was a wonderful adventure, a huge thank you to you and Mordicoi for your efforts to give us all a memorable and spectacular trip on wonderful horses – and you did – in spades!

I’ve been telling people it was more of an adventure than a holiday – we were happily exhausted when we returned (not helped by Sleazyjet’s broken plane which led to a five hour delay at Malaga.  However, we taught Alwin how to play Bridge which she picked up incredibly quickly.

Amazing really, as SJ said, good to know people like her are in charge of our national businesses!).  And we wished we had a couple of days to collapse afterwards at some nice local hotel.   But oh my goodness, I will not forget my friend Jeleo (how to spell?) who looked after me so well and was such fun to ride too.

Also the epic scenery, the spring flowers, the mountain streams, pine groves, cattle and their calves – with bells on – and the great company.  Us pathetic Brits aren’t used to that heat but that was all part of the Spanish experience – as was the Paella which you kindly arranged for me.

There was a feeling that we were on a journey rather than just pottering around in Andalucia, which gave us all a focus and a sense of achievement when we rode back into the stables at the end.  I know the Fiesta and the WONDERFUL village band were vexing for you, but we really adored that snapshot of the locals partying.

It really was a fabulous trip and I would love to come again and try the Alpujara ride – we are doing things in reverse I know!   Best wishes for the rest of the summer and thank you so much.

Big hugs Rothes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS Thanks also for the extra bit of help with things now and again, much appreciated.

June 2016 Marquesado Ride

Dear Dallas


I just wanted to say a very big thank you for giving me the most special week.  I can honestly say that you gave us all a truly memorable experience of wonderful horses in the most stunning countryside.  All the routes and tracks you led us were beyond my expectations and your choice of hotels and menus were all spot on.  How you managed to effortlessly produce lunch for us all out of nowhere was quite beyond my comprehension.  You run a fantastically thoughtful and professional enterprise and I will definitely be returning hopefully next year for another experience with you.

With love and best wishes


The Contreavesia Ride Spring  2016

Had an amazing time last week with Dallas and Mordecai. Spectacular scenery, food, company and horses, enjoyed every moment. Would thoroughly recommend!

Jeannie Medd reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star

The Contreavesia Ride Spring  2016

Just got home from an amazing week away with Dallas and her brilliant team. Thank you for the most wonderful and unique experience, I cannot wait to book my next adventure with you.

This trip exceeded all expectations, there was only one downfall….. I couldn’t take the beautiful Laurel (my purebred Andalusian gentleman for the week!) home with me!

Thank you for everything Dallas, Mordicai, Janette and Julio! It was the perfect break away from reality… See you soon!

Beck Halliday reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star

The Contreavesia Ride Spring  2016

Phil and I just finished up a week with Dallas and team in the Sierra Nevadas – the trip surpassed any previous expectation we had – our trusty horses, the gorgeous scenery, our wonderful riding companions and the awesome team of Dallas and her brother Mordecai made for a trip that will not be forgotten for a long time!

Also a shout out to Janette – our behind the scenes person who made sure our belongings were at the inns each evening. Thank you all and wondering when we can come back!!

XXXXOOOOO Trish & Phil

Trisha Cox reviewed Dallas Love-Sierratrails – 5 star

The Contreavesia Ride Oct/Nov  2015

Dear Dallas,

Greetings from a grey and very wet Cumbria! The Contreavesia Ride Oct/Nov  2015 already, sadly, seems like a distant memory.

A huge thank you from Jacs and I for yet another ‘awesome’ trip – the fact that 4 out of our group of 7 are all return riders – totalling 9 rides between us is a true testament of you (your lunches!) , the horses and the beauty and history of the ever changing Sierra Nevada.

Oh and of course I mustn’t forget your back up crew – Jeanette (and Mordecai last year on the El Marquesado !)   The stunning and constantly changing scenery experienced each day was enhanced by the mixed autumnal weather but despite the forecast – no rain! Your skill of matching horse to rider continues to astound me – thank you for Max again, as always a (handsome) dream for a 51 year old ‘happy hacker’!

Jacs and I are already ‘plotting’ our escape for next year ….. see you in 2016! With love and best wishes to you all – 2 and 4 legged!


Contraviesa Ride October 2015

Dear Dallas,

Thank you for this special trip.  It was everything I imagined and so much more.  I am already missing my dear Laurel.  Wishing you all the best and hoping our paths cross again!

Warm Regards,


Alpujarra Ride August 2015

Dear Dallas, Well back in Denmark, but still thinking of our adventure in Sierra Nevada  😀

We had a great time – wonderful horses (especially Torrente and Valentino), breathtaking nature, lovely picnics, nice hotels, delicous food in the evenings and your fantastic effort to make it all happen !!!!!

Hope you are doing well and have had some time for rest 😉

Best regards,

Pernille and Lone

Short break August 15-19

Hello Dallas Emma and I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely holiday. Emma said best birthday present ever, so you can tell how much she enjoyed it. You paired us up perfectly with Tank and Canela (Camilla).

Please thank Janette as we enjoyed her company too. It was just the most perfect holiday. Thank you again, Annette

18 April Contraviesa Ride

Dear Dallas – apologies for this shockingly late email, but i just wanted to let you know how much David and i enjoyed our week with you & Mordecai, it was totally, totally beautiful and brilliant and we loved every minute (well except for my unfortunate bit with that French hiker!).

It was all just perfect – horses, people, places, eating, drinking, sleeping – 11/10. And of course you know how i adored Honrado, the perfect ride for me – if only i could have brought him back to London … if you have any pictures of me and him would you send them, they will be treasured!

We are thrilled to have found you and Sierra Trails and will be back just as soon as we can. Our love thanks & warmest wishes to you & Mordecai, Samantha & David.

2nd May Alpujarra Ride

Hi Dallas Just a few lines to thank you again for a great week’s riding. After just 3 days back at work it seems like ages ago – just some photos to remind me.

It was a very relaxing and enjoyable break I felt quite spoiled with no ‘domestics’ to do, great food and drink and my horse groomed and tacked up for me! I trust Tello is enjoying his week off… He was a real pleasure to ride – thank you.

I hope that the rest of the season goes well for you. With my thanks and best wishes to you, Mordecai and Janette. Hope to see you next year! Elaine x

La Contraviesa Experience 2015

Hi Dallas,

Thank you so much for the fabulous holiday with you last week – it was a dream holiday for us and really lived up to our expectations. We loved all the horses, but especially our rides, Laurel and Honrado.

They were all very well trained, well cared for and well loved. The riding was fantastic, especially with the varied terrain that we covered along the trail and the amazing scenery around us.

We enjoyed the experience of the Spanish villages, the guest houses, the lovely meals and friends we made. Thank you also to Mordecai and Jeanette, everyone was so helpful and accommodating.

We hope to be able to ride with you again and would recommend you to our horsy friends.

Thanks again Christine and Louise xx

La Contraviesa Experience 2014

Good morning (Kingston time), Dallas By now, you are halfway across a mountain, eating another wonderful lunch, listening to goat bells. I have done a load of laundry and am dabbing lotion on the huge sun sore that verifies that last week was not a dream.

It will go away, but the slight life-altering confidence shift will not. In reading others’ glowing comments on your website, I am transported back to the experience, and can add no new observations, except to support everyone’s opinion that you, your assistants, the horses (Tanque!) and La Alpujarra itself are indeed capable of making dreams come true. In this, we trusted, and came away changed for the better.  You galvanized a great group, bringing us into a very special new comfort zone. Magical! ​

J.H Kingston, Canada

Short break experience

Dear Dallas & Jeanette

It’s only nearly 4 months since Marian and I joined you for a short break at the beginning of May… I feel very ashamed as, despite all good intentions, only now have I managed to put fingers to keyboard and write the review I promised I would write.

It doesn’t seem like 4 months ago that we were in the Andalucian sunshine enjoying your excellent hospitality in beautiful scenery. I thoroughly enjoyed my (albeit short) stay with you; the horses were good-mannered, well-schooled, responsive and a pleasure to ride.

They were also all clearly much loved! I was fortunate enough to ride two of them over the three days – it was a difficult to decision to change from teenage Tello to grown-up Tanque on the last day, but I appreciated your thoughtfulness that perhaps for my last day I would prefer to ride a horse that I could relax on and admire the scenery a bit more!

The matching of horses to the riders in our group was clearly perceptive and I believe worked really well. The rides were different each day and were just the right length so you felt you had achieved something and been somewhere, but still had time and energy to enjoy an ice-cream and/or chocolate in Capilerilla on the way back to Bubion. And I can’t mention the rides without describing Lunch… a delicious and varied picnic of local produce (solid and liquid).

Bubion is a delightful, friendly village where we were made to feel welcome wherever we went. In summary, it was an excellent short-break – thank you very much for looking after us so well.

We enjoyed it so much that…Marian and I would very much like to come back next year and join your week trail ride, probably around early May again. Please would you let me know when you have organised your dates etc. We will also keep an eye on your website.

I hope that you have had a good summer and that both of you, the horses, Lily the dog and the cats are all well. I hope you will accept my apologies for not writing to you sooner. Pleae feel free to use any of my comments on your website/publicity. With my best wishes

Elaine x

Short break experience

Hello Dallas and Jeanette

I thought you ought to know what else was happening whilst us five girls were on our wonderful short break with you, three weeks ago…..

We had such a brilliant time, come thunder, lightening and hail and want you both to know that we all thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Speaking personally, as it was my first visit, I can only say I have not only come home with some lovely rides and beautiful views etched in my memory but not a sore bum or thigh in evidence!!! Canela looked after me exceptionally well despite everyone saying that our flighty temperaments were well matched!! I think it was just that we were colour co-ordinated and needed the respect and understanding that we got!!

Anyway, I’m afraid I’m not facebook savvy so please accept this as my thumbs up for an excellent short break.

With my very best wishes and thanks to you Cilla Sturdy

Priscilla Sturdy Sturdy Feet Ltd

Contraviesa Spring 2014

I returned home last week from what can only be described as one of the best experiences of my life. I was fortunate to enjoy the first week of the season with Dallas and Mordecai Love on their Contraviesa Ride.

I have many years of experience with horses; their care, schooling and competition and was slightly apprehensive about how the horses would be. Without exception they were all up to the job and what a challenge for horse and rider that was!!

The horses are well schooled, responsive, sure footed and could move when asked and I would have been happy to ride any one of them. Dallas chose Moreno for me, a bay of about 15.1hh I adored him and without a doubt he contributed to the thrills and excitement of the holiday. I travelled with my sister, neither of us having done anything like this before and met up with 8 other riders from Denmark, the USA and the UK at the airport where we were collected and taken into the mountains to Bubion where Dallas met us. Our first evening meal was in a local restaurant and so the holiday experience began.

I cannot think of enough positive adjectives to describe the week, the horses, the company, the lunches prepared by Dallas, the scenery, weather!!! (although I know we had lady luck on our side) and most importantly our guides. Dallas and Mordecai live for their horses and this is so apparent in everything they do for you.

They have so much knowledge of the local areas and are well respected by all the people we met during the week from men collecting honey from their bee hives, those producing olive oil in a small building by the roadside, people repairing the mountain trails or the small village shop and tavern owners.

Nothing was too much trouble. If anybody needed anything Dallas arranged it. I hope I will be able to return to Bubion for the Marquesado ride and I hope my new friends and fellow riders will join me for a new challenge!!

Jeannette, East Yorkshire, UK

Coastal Range Ride, March 29-April 5, 2014

Sitting now in my living room in Verona, Wisconsin, it is hard to believe that a week ago I was sleeping in a rustic inn in Trevelez, the highest village in Spain, following along day of riding through amazing scenery in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. My best riding buddy and I signed up for this ride in celebration of “big” birthdays, 60 for me.

We expected to see and do amazing things, and were not disappointed. I cannot say enough good things about trip outfitter, Dallas Love, and her string of wonderful, hard-working horses. These are well-schooled, sure-footed, trustworthy mounts who seem eager to go to work each morning and are highly responsive to rein and leg cues.

Although I don’t like heights, I can honestly say that I never had a moment of fear, even on the most precarious trails, thanks to the steadiness and experience of the horse Dallas trusted to me for the week. Prior to experiencing this week of mountain riding, had I seen the trail down the Trevelez river gorge, I would never, ever have thought I would willingly walk down it on my own, let alone leading a horse! Dallas is a competent, experienced tour leader and excellent cook.

She prepared amazing picnic lunches, alwaysaccompanied by a local wine. One day after lunch I casually mentioned that the only thing lacking was a bit of chocolate. Voila! Dallas pulled a giant bar of dark chocolate with almonds from her picnic bag! The experiences and scenery of this trip will not be easily forgotten.

The sounds of our horses hooves echoing through the steep, narrow streets of so many tiny white- painted mountain towns, the bubbling village fountains where we and the horses drank cold spring water, and the melody of cowbells on all sides as we rode through a high mountain pasture are among the most vividly different from suburban life in the United States. I would highly recommend this trip for persons who are FIT, both for riding and hiking.

The ride description says you need to be capable of mounting and dismounting on the trail, which indeed we did many, many times each day, and be capable of walking up and down steep, rocky terrain leading your horse. Take this seriously. We walked a lot, both on the trail and in the villages. Some of thetrails were tricky, to say the least!

My riding buddy and I were very thankful for our rubber soled Ariat Terrain boots. We also definitely wished we had signed up for a fall ride (after a season of riding at home) rather than a spring ride following a long,idle winter. If you do take this ride, you can be sure you will see sights and have experiences that are absolutely unique, enjoy excellent horses, and be very well looked after by Dallas, aka “the mountain gourmet.” Buenviaje!

Jean Warrior

Verona, Wisconsin

Marquesado ride 2012

“If you want to ride a wonderfully well mannered horse through some simply stunning mountains then this is the trip for you. The high mountains of the Sierra Nevada are magnificent and the whole experience is one of fun, beauty and enjoyment.

At times the riding can be physically challenging, but any reasonably competent rider who doesn’t mind walking alongside their horse on the steep bits for an hour or so can manage it. I would not hesitate in recommending this ride” Ray.

El Marquesado Ride June 2012

Marquesado ride 2012

The scenery was spectacular particularly at the highest points in the mountains, and we saw some wonderful sights such as that group of vultures taking off when we rounded a corner. You and Julio obviously have a very wide knowledge of the areas we were passing through which showed during the week, as was your attention to detail and regard to safety. The time we had to lead our horses up that rocky cliff face was probably one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do – I thought my lungs were going to burst when I reached the top.

Also the 4k walk down the side of the mountain to Trevelez, but that was to do with the intense heat rather than the distance. All in all I didn’t ache half as much as I thought I would given the number of hours we were riding each day. The food was always plentiful and delicious. As I didn’t eat much breakfast (too early!), the picnic lunches were always welcome and the evening meals substantial – just what was needed after a day in the saddle. Cold beer was often on my mind during the hottest parts of the day and it hardly touched the sides when I eventually got one.

All the accommodation was of a good standard and always clean, although there always seemed to be a party going on outside my window – ah well, that’s Spain! I thought the refuge was a really interesting building built in such a beautiful spot – definitely worth an overnight stay.

We all got along well together as a group and we did have some laughs at the end of each day, recalling the challenges we had faced, our aches and bruises and particularly certain mishaps such as falling into ponds etc.! I’m glad you and Julio were always on hand to help with tacking up – Julio’s words each day “Here, let me help you” were always welcomed!

I did manage to put Chiquitine’s bridle on most days, and just about got to grips with tying the knot in the lead rope. I think if Chiquitine had been able to stand still for more than a few seconds I might have been able to saddle him up too! For all his fidgeting he was a lovely little horse, and full of character.

All the horses were obviously well cared for and much loved. They were very careful on the steep slopes and enjoyed stretching their legs and having a canter (gallop in Chiquitine’s case at one point) on the wider tracks. They all deserved their well earned rest at the end of the week.

It would have been great on the last evening to have stayed up later to see more of the Fiesta in the village, but I did hear most of it during the night and it was still going when my alarm went off at 6am! I can’t think of any improvements that could have been made to this ride. You and your team made it a wonderful experience and adventure and something I probably would never have done if I had been told beforehand how hard it would be at times. Thank you all again and take care, Ann

Alpujarra Ride 2012

No amount of website surfing compares with the real experience of riding through the mountains with Dallas.

I was lucky enough to join her early June 2012 for a spectacular week on the ride through the Alpujarra. Rock-steady and confident horses, pre-assigned based on experience and size, amazing scenery, wonderful accommodations …. Dallas’ knowledge of the area made even sitting by a track listening to her quiz a crew digging a ditch so we could reroute our ride a story worth telling and retelling.

The white towns of southern Spain are magical, the variety of track and vista made every day different than the last. Thanks and thanks again, Dallas!

Grins Caren