Dallas Love

Dallas Love
Dallas Love

Dallas is the founder and owner of Sierra Trails, since 1987 one of the first stables in Europe to offer trail riding holidays on quality bred schooled horses. Having extensive first hand knowledge of the Alpujarra
and Sierra Nevada mountains she has created a selection of stunning trails rides, enabling horse riders
from all over the world to discover this unique region from the back of an excellent horse.

Early Life

Dallas’ family moved from the UK to the Alpujarra’s when she was a child, and she spent much of her
early years exploring by horse and mule the mountain paths and trails of this unique area.

Australia Cattle Ranching

In her 20s Dallas travelled to Australia. Determined to follow her childhood passion and work with horses, she found work on a Queensland cattle station. The owner was an exceptional cattle and horseman and
Dallas extended her 6 months to 3 years. Learning much about horses and a different way to keep and train them. In the experienced hands of this gifted horseman totally undomesticated horses become in a matter of weeks wonderful working partners.


Returning to Spain is her late 20s she started her own yard, putting into practise her dream of keeping horses in as natural an environment as possible. Allowing them to live as a herd, free to be horses but at
the same time happy to work with and be around people.

Mordecai Love

Mordecai Love
Mordecai Love

Mordecai Love works with his sister Dallas at Sierra Trails. He is responsible for starting and schooling most of the horses. A dedicated and talented horseman Mordecai started riding as a young boy.

Western and Outback

Moving in his late teens to Australia, he quickly made a name backing horses and dealing with problem horses on the outback cattle
stations of the Kimberlys. Working with cattle horses in Australia led him to the USA where he furthered his interest working with
cutting horses.

Classical Dressage Training

While in the States he discovered what was to be his life’s passion “Classical horsemanship” which in turn led him to Portugal. In Portugal Mordecai studied and trained for a number
of years under João Oliveira legendary Classical Dressage Master, son of Nuno Oliveira. When João Oliveira moved overseas Mordecai stayed in Portugal training for a number of different breeders.


Mordecai left Portugal to study horse dentistry in the States and is a qualified equine dentist.


Now based in Spain he combines his passion for schooling and training horses with his love for the mountains – leading trail rides. Growing up in Bubion, he has a strong tie to the area, its people and history, and is happy to share his knowledge with guests. During the Winter months he continues his dental practise in the States.

Jeanette Collier

Jeanette Collier
Jeanette Collier

Jeanette came to work for a couple of months in 2005 and never left. Always ready with a helping hand and a big smile she is an indispensable member of the team.

Growing up in Devon, Jeanette spent her free time riding the farm ponies, and helping her father with the livestock. On leaving school her interest in the theatre and arts took her to London.

Medically Trained and Qualified

While in London Jeanette also qualified and worked as a nurse.

After a nasty cycling accident she decided to travel, took a break from nursing and never returned. The Alpujarra’s is now her home.

Jeanette is responsible for the day to day running of the yard. She also leads day rides and some of the three day short breaks, in addition to organising the backup on the week treks.

Lisa Lawson

Lisa Lawson
Lisa Lawson

In the Spring of 2017 Lisa joined us for a two month working holiday…. she stayed for the rest of the season helping with the young horses and with the guiding on the longer treks.


An experienced rider Lisa has worked with horses in Ecuador, Argentina and The States.

Growing up in Florida she has ridden since childhood, she has a strong connection with horses and is very good with the young and green horses.

Medically Trained

A qualified nurse Lisa always has a smile and is as good with people as with the horses. We feel very fortunate to have her as a member of our team and hope she continues to spend her time between here and the States.